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For Teachers

Save your students hundreds of dollars on the STEM tool they need, while also controlling and customizing the technology being used in your classroom. GraphLock is always FREE for teachers!

For Students

Don’t want to spend $100 on a calculator and wish you could just use your phone instead? Now you can with GraphLock, the app specifically designed to be used in class and on exams.

For Schools

The cost to replace the batteries in a calculator costs as much as our entire technology! With GraphLock, you can provide your students the STEM tool they need, for a fraction of the cost.

For Parents

Struggling to keep your children off their devices? With GraphLock, you can lockdown their phones and tablets, meaning - no texts, no internet, no snapchat! Taking homework time to a whole new level!

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For only $4.99 a year, GraphLock costs as much as replacing the batteries in a calculator

Lockdown Mode

No texts, no calls, no internet. Just the calculator and an emergency call button


Teachers can customize the calculator by choosing the features their students can access

Chat Feature

Send messages, graphs, pictures, and data sets to your entire class or individual students

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